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“Fertility First UK is a not for Profit Organisation whose creation was inspired by the many Fertility Charities, Forums, and Support Groups that help both Men and Women who may suffer or are suffering from Fertility issues. The Organisation tries to assist and aid individuals who may face or are currently facing Fertility issues through a Platform of promoting free education, free support and free interaction with Fertility Clinics, Counsellors and Coaches.”

Joanna Sinclair, Founder and CEO

Diverse couples, LGBTQ couples

The Facts...

  • 1 in 6 heterosexual couples are infertile, that is 3.5 Million people
  • Of the 3.5 Million, 40% is as a result of sperm issues
  • Over 2 Million people in the UK identify as being LGBTQ+     LGBTQ umbrella
  • Over 15% of the UK population identify as being Diverse that is over 10 Million people
  • Fertility treatment is less successful for ethnic minority patients (HFEA 2021)
  • 42% of those going through fertility treatment have suicidal feelings (Fertility Network UK and Middlesex University 2016)
  • 25% of pregnancies end in baby loss (Tommy’s 2021)
  • Following pregnancy loss, 1 in 6 women suffer PTSD (Farren et al, 2019)

All of the above Groups will require some help along the way and Fertility First UK is about inclusivity and providing that support for ALL. Reach out, Connect, and become Empowered… because you are not alone.

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