Made in Chelsea’s Ollie and Gareth travel to US for surrogacy

UK reality television star Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth have been granted a medical exemption permit to travel to the US to start their surrogacy journey

The couple revealed the exciting news on their social media pages.

Ollie said in an official statement to his 458,000 Instagram followers: “To our amazing followers, the last year has been super tough on everyone and the joint effort of everyone has made a huge effort on all of us collectively getting past the restrictions and difficulties of COVID-19.

“Respectfully and excitedly we wanted to post and make an announcement that we have traveled across the world and under medical exemptions to begin our IVF and surrogacy journey.”

Ollie went on to say he hoped his followers would continue with them on their adventure.

He said: “With any luck, we might have some exciting news in the coming months. We hope our followers understand and support us in this journey and that you appreciate the circumstances that they have allowed us to travel outside of a normal situation.”

The couple has been very open about their dear wish to be parents and talked openly on the E4 reality television Made in Chelsea about where they are in their journey.

The pair said they had found a surrogate who would help them become fathers and they were waiting for the permissions needed to travel to the US to start the process.

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