Australian woman pens book on her IVF journey

An Australian woman, who went through 11 rounds of IVF to have her son, has written a book on her experience

Jodie Mahers, from Glenmore Park, has penned the book, An IVF Miracle From Mahers, to give others going through the difficult journey some hope.

She revealed she wrote the book in 2015 but has only just felt comfortable revealing her story to the world.

Jodie told the Westerner Weekender: “My experience is my journey of undertaking 11 rounds of IVF to become a mother to my son, and then I have included four short stories where I have interviewed women about their experiences with pregnancy, infant loss, reflection, and new beginnings.

“The message of the book is about connecting and inspiring people who have struggled or may struggle to create and hold their baby.”

Jodie also runs a blog on her experience and details her experience of infertility and how she finally came to have her longed-for son, Jy.

She said in the blog, she put trust in the fertility experts to help her achieve her dream and she got her determination from her father, who passed away suddenly while she was halfway through her journey.

She said: “I will be forever grateful for the fertility team’s expertise. These incredible human beings study and train for years to help others. They gave me hope and solid ground between my tears. Dad’s words kept me going through the victory round, he would always say ‘no Maher ever gives up’.

“My strength and endurance were constantly tested when the trauma and heartache set in after failed IVF attempts. Despite how difficult it was, I tried to reset at night and surrender to tomorrow being a new day and opportunity.”

“I believe when we do our best and keep backing up through adversity, we inspire others, attract goodwill and weave miracles into the life of ourselves and others. ”

To purchase a copy of the book, click here.

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