Cherries and Cream Antioxidant Rich Breakfast Parfait Pot

By Sue Bedford (MSc Nutritional Therapy)

Start the day in a balanced way with this gorgeous antioxidant rich Cherries and Cream Breakfast Pot.  Great for a snack too.

Cherries are an excellent source of antioxidants (rich in vitamin C) and polyphenols. They are a good source of anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid with antioxidant properties) which have anti-inflammatory properties.  Cherries also contain vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. Cherries are a very good source of many minerals including zinc, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.Vitamin C is important for the immune system and it also helps with iron absorption from food which is essential for both men and women when trying to conceive. Vitamin C is also important for sperm motility and vitality too.

Natural live yoghurt is great for the gut as it contains friendly probiotic bacteria (such as lactobacillus)- all health starts in the gut. It is also a good source of protein, calcium and provides selenium too.

Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium (1 brazil nut provides an adult’s daily requirement of selenium) as are other seeds too such as walnuts, sunflower and chia.

To make your breakfast pot (for 1)

Chose a nice glass, take 6 ripe cherries- wash, destone and chop them into slices. Place around the inside of the bottom of the glass. Next, spoon some natural live yoghurt and cover the cherries (about an inch of yoghurt). Sprinkle over the top with chopped brazil nuts or walnuts and seeds of your choice. Repeat the layers again. Place into the fridge for a couple of hours or cover over-night. Bring out of the fridge and drizzle over with honey. Enjoy!

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