Is A Good Night’s Sleep Nothing More Than A Dream?

If there is one thing that everyone needs, no matter their age, health condition, or lifestyle, it is a good night’s sleep each and every night. If this is something you are struggling to achieve, you need to get to the bottom of why this is the case so that you can rectify the issue. With that being said, continue reading to find out the various reasons why you may not be able to get a good sleep. 

You are feeling stressed – Stress… the root of all evil, right? More and more people are feeling stressed today, as they try to juggle family and work pressures. This can result in a lack of sleep. This is because your mind is full, therefore, preventing you from drifting off. You need to find ways to get rid of this stress. Why not write a journal so you can get these thoughts out of your mind? This is one of the most effective techniques. Often, we are kept awake because we worry so much, and so by keeping a journal you can offload your thoughts so that they do not weigh you down and consume your mind while you are tyring to get that all-important rest time! Try it, and we are sure you will be shocked by how much of a difference it can make. One of the most important things you need to do here is getting to the root cause of the problem that you are experiencing. Once you find out why you are feeling so stressed, to begin with, you are going to be best placed to manage this stress so that you can get to a better outcome. You can also practice different techniques that can help you to lower the stress you are experiencing. Examples include deep-breathing techniques, as well as yoga and meditation.

Your body clock is all over the place – Do you go to sleep at different times throughout the week? If so, your body clock is all over the place and needs a bit of consistency. One of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep is to get into a routine. This is a critical because your body will know when to wake up and when to go to sleep. If you sleep at different times, your body is going to be completely out of rhythm.

Your bedroom is too harsh in terms of decor and colours used – Another reason why you may be struggling to get to sleep is that your bedroom is too vibrant and harsh in terms of design. Yes, red may be your favourite colour, but it will not help you to sleep. A neutral colour palette is a must for any bedroom. Calming colours will help to soothe you and make it easier for you to drift off into a good night’s sleep. You may want to even consider investing in an oil diffuser for your room. They do not cost a lot of money and they will emit soothing scents so that you can relax and fall asleep. Lavender is often one of the best options for this. Small changes like this can help to make the environment more relaxing overall, which can make a really big difference. 

The temperature is not right – The temperature in your bedroom can also have a big impact. You are bound to wake up regularly throughout the night if your bedroom is too warm. Therefore, make sure you consider the environment. Do you have the right duvet for the current climate, or is it too thick or thin? Moreover, you can program your heating so that it comes on at the coldest part of the night to keep you warm. A little bit of planning and consideration can go a very long way when it comes to improving your chances of having a good night’s rest.

You use tech right before bed – Do you play games on your phone before you go to sleep? This is not a good bedtime activity. Why not read a book instead? Using your technology items before bed can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep because of the light that is emitted. It is a good idea to avoid using your phone or any other devices like this an hour before you go to bed, as this will make it easier for you to drift off to sleep. In addition to this, another reason why our phones can keep us awake is that they can result in us feeling more stressed. You may start browsing social media and read comments that make you feel anxious or unsettled. Furthermore, you could find that you start checking your work emails, which can also leave you feeling stressed.

Your mattress and pillow are uncomfortable – Finding the right mattress and the best pillow can be a bit of trial and error, which is annoying. mattress guide is a great resource. Your pillow and your mattress are the two most important elements when it comes to comfort and quality of sleep. Here are some things you need to consider when it comes to choosing a mattress:

The type of mattress, i.e. hybrid, memory foam, latex…
Your budget
The amount of firmness you find comfortable
Body weight
Your sleeping position 

As you can see, sleep deprivation can be a problem for many different people for a whole host of reasons. Hopefully, you have now got to the bottom of why you are struggling to sleep, and you feel like you have plenty of advice to help you rectify the issue. However, if the problem does persist, it is a good idea to book an appointment with your doctor as they may be able to look into making some changes that can further help you when it comes to getting the rest that you need.

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