PCOS support from fellow “soul cysters”

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is the most common cause of infertility, affecting 1 in 10 women globally

Although knowing that so many women are in the same boat as you may offer some comfort, what many of us really want, is to see and talk, and connect with these “statistics” – with real women. We want to share stories, and tips, and to see how other women are managing their symptoms, or not….

So where do you turn to find and connect with your “soul cysters”?

IVF babble Pineapple App

Our Pineapple app will help you break that feeling of solitude, by connecting you with women across the globe who are going through a similar fertility journey to you. It is a safe space, where you can post your thoughts, ask questions, reach out to other members and feel connected. Click here to join.


Instagram really has become an amazing go to place for community support for just about anything these days, and the PCOS accounts don’t disappoint! There are so many to choose from, but some key accounts that stand out are the @PCOS Dietian, @Healthypcos_ and PCOSnutrition. These Insta accounts have enormous followings with regular content being posted everyday.


Facebook is also another great social media platform offering support to women with PCOS. Type in PCOS in to the search bar and a long list of support pages will appear.

The PCOS Support Group is a private support group, open only to people with a genuine need to learn and be supported by people with PCOS. It has over 72 thousand followers, and provides a safe place for you to ask questions and converse.


PCOS Awareness Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).The organization and its volunteers are dedicated to raising the awareness of this disorder worldwide, providing educational and support services to help people understand what the disorder is and how it can be treated. The Association also provides support for people diagnosed with PCOS to help them overcome the syndrome and decrease the impact of its associated health problems.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month

Every year, the month of September is dedicated to raising awareness and increasing public knowledge about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, as well as helping those diagnosed with their symptoms. World PCOS Day of Unity was started by PCOS Challenge: The National Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association in September of 2018. During World PCOS Day, individuals and organizations around the world come together in solidarity to promote PCOS awareness and support the hundreds of millions of people impacted by polycystic ovary syndrome worldwide.

……and finally, always reach out to us, the IVFbabble team. Our co founder, Sara Marshall-Page has PCOS too, and is always happy to talk.

Living with PCOS



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