Infertile Welsh couple welcome miracle baby

A couple told they would never have children together has welcomed a baby boy – a year after giving up yeast

Rachel and Stephen Greenwood, of Montgomery, Powys, both suffered from their own health problems and had resigned themselves to the fact they would never be parents.

Rachel, 41, has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS), and Stephen, 55, suffers from diabetes and had an operation for a twisted testicle in his late teens, which caused his sperm count to become low.

The pair, who have been together 20 years, were told that IVF and ICSI would not work for them and there were no other options for them.

The couple was devastated by the news as they had always wanted children since meeting in 2000.

Stephen decided last year to ditch bread and pastries after suffering from a series of yeast infections. And five months later Rachel was having tests for kidney stones when a blood test uncovered her surprise pregnancy.

She had been admitted to the hospital with stomach pain due to kidney disease and was referred for a scan to see if she had kidney stones.

But as her condition worsened in the following weeks and her pain symptoms increased, Stephen decided he needed to take her to A&E.

Rachel was admitted for blood and urine tests, while Stephen went to the local retail park to wait as he wasn’t allowed in due to COVID.

After a while, he got a phone call from his wife to say she had news for him.

“She said ‘I have news for you, I’m pregnant.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I said ‘you can’t be.’”

But while on the phone Rachel was told she was being whisked to Telford Hospital as doctors were concerned she may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

After lots of scans and tests, the nurses told Rachel she was 21 weeks pregnant with a bouncing big baby boy.

Stephen believes changing his diet contributed to their amazing news.

Stephen told WalesOnline: “I stopped eating anything with yeast in September. Within two weeks my infections had ceased, and five months later my wife found out she was pregnant.

“It’s such a wonderful miracle, I want to get it out there to tell people never to give up hope. Everybody is different, our bodies change and you just never know.

“To think I am retired from the police and I can now spend every day with my baby boy is absolutely out of this world.”

Rachel said the news was a big shock

She said: “I thought I wasn’t meant to have babies after what the doctors said, so I just tried to get on with my life without them, but it looks like good things come to those who wait.

“We weren’t trying so it came as a shock – a happy shock, but a shock.”

The couple is now looking forward to life as a family of three with baby Oliver.

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