Young couple delighted to be expecting after fertility battle

A couple in their 20s told by their doctors it would be ‘medically impossible’ for them to get pregnant naturally is expecting their first child

Miranda Burns and Tristan Hall had been dating just six months when they were given the news.

Not only was Miranda, then 25 told she had endometriosis and the condition had damaged her fallopian tubes but Tristan, 22 at the time, was given the news that his sperm morphology was an issue.

That was back in 2019 and was a lot for the couple to deal with but they got through it and this year decided to embark on their IVF journey.

In February, the couple started treatment and made the decision to document it on a podcast, they have called Test Tube Baby.

Miranda is now 21-weeks pregnant with a rainbow baby after a devastating miscarriage at 18 weeks.

She told the Daily Mirror: “The IVF process was a complete emotional rollercoaster. We had moments of immense lows when I would be crying saying why us, and then parts of the process when everything was going okay and you’d almost be skipping through the day.

“I’m honestly in constant awe of the science and the embryologists, consultants, and nurses we have worked with. They are geniuses.”

The couple only managed to retrieve four eggs which they were massively disappointed with but they picked themselves up and tried to remain positive.

From those eggs, amazingly they got three top-quality embryos.

Miranda said: “It was World IVF Day recently and I saw a statistic that said the average IVF success is 23 percent which was yet another reminder of how lucky we truly are.”

She said though she knows how lucky she is, she still feels nervous because of the previous miscarriage.

“I’m constantly panicking that I could miscarry. We had an early scan at seven weeks which showed the baby’s heartbeat and that calmed our nerves a lot, but even now to this day at 21 weeks we still worry.”

Miranda was asked what she would share with anyone else who might face a similar journey.

She said: “I switched up my Instagram feed and started following women who’d been through similar experiences, and it helped me feel so less alone.”

If you have experienced a miscarriage, click here to visit the Miscarriage Association website.

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