Cancer survivor becomes mother thanks to her sisters

A Melbourne woman has thanked her sisters after they helped her become a mother following cancer treatment

Sam Bryant was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003 and went through six rounds of chemotherapy before she was given the all-clear.

And despite her surgeons working to preserve her fertility before treatment, she spent $AU100,000 on 14 failed IVF cycles.

Sam and her husband, Ben, even traveled to Spain after a friend donated eggs to them, but that failed.

But after watching her go through so much trauma, her sisters Rachel, 40, and 27-year-old Nikita decided to step forward to help.

Rachel agreed to be her surrogate and carry an embryo created using Nikita’s donated eggs.

Sam told Mail Online Australia: “We’ve always been really close but this has brought us closer together.

“I’m so grateful to them both and I can’t even explain how lucky we feel.

“We’re so lucky with our daughter, Starla, we adore her and just stare at her every day in amazement. When she was born it was surreal.

“My mum and dad are so supportive and proud of the way it all turned out because it could have gone pearshaped.

“She has a really close relationship with her aunties.

“They will always be her special aunties. They accept their roles as aunties and there are no hang-ups about the fact that she’s the girl that Rachel gave birth to or anything like that.”

Sam explained that her sisters suggested the idea of helping them and told her to talk to her fertility specialist about it.

“My fertility specialist said it was a great idea.”

The couple has explained to Starla how she was created and understands the situation.

When Nikita was asked why she decided to help, she said: “I wanted to play a role in helping Sam and Ben become parents.

“My eggs weren’t being used as they were being discarded by my body once a month so why not put them to good use?

“It is very special knowing that Rachel and I were finally able to give Sam and Ben their wish of having a family of their own.”

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