New study calls for male fertility public health campaign

Researchers at the Center for Reproductive and Genetic Health have called for a public health campaign to make men more aware of their own fertility biological clock

The potential causes of male infertility in older men include low sperm count, blockages that prevent the movement of sperm and sperm with abnormal shape, according to the Mayo Clinic.

A previous study had shown that of the 19,000 cycles, success rates dropped to 46 percent when the man was aged 40 to 42, but little is known about the effect on men over the age of 50.

For this new study, researchers looked at 5,000 IVF and ICSI cycles, involving 4,300 men.

Of the treatments, 40 percent or about 1,974 resulted in a live birth.

Researchers said: “Paternal age over 50 significantly affects the chance of achieving a live birth following assisted reproductive technology.

“Paternal age does not independently affect the risk of miscarriage following assisted reproductive technology.

“There should be a public health message for men not to delay parenthood.”

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