Testicular sperm aspiration explained

We turned to Dr. Sergio Rogel from IVF Spain to help us understand the process of TESA and TESE

Before you explain the process, can you explain who this process is for?

TESA is for men suffering from azoospermia or with high DNA fragmentation. In some cases we also do TESA when we are having trouble getting the embryos to the blastocyst stage and we suspect a male factor.

What does TESA stand for?

Testicular sperm aspiration

What is TESA?

TESA is the process of sperm  aspiration, whereby sperm is extracted through a needle in the testis and aspirating fluid and tissue with negative pressure.

What does TESE stand for?

Testicular sperm extraction

What is TESE?

TESE is the process of sperm extraction whereby the testicle is cut open. TESE only allows you to search for spermatozoa (the reproductive cell or gamete of the male) in one area of the testicule, TESA allows you to explore the entire area.

What happens during the procedure whereby sperm is extracted from the testicles? 

First we proceed to a local anesthesia. Then we do the puncture or punctures depending on the case. The good thing about this technique is that we can check the sample instantly under the microscope so, if needed we can do several punctures on several areas of the testicles or even what we call a mapping of them with a puncture on every area. The last part is then the microscope observation and selection of the sperm.

Is the procedure painful?

TESA can cause some discomfort for a few days but there is no need for any hospital stay.

For more information, reach out to the clinical team at IVF Spain.

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