Anna Richardson, 50 shares fear she will never have a family

UK television presenter, Anna Richardson, has discussed her desire to have children at the age of 50 and single

The 50-year-old was talking about her fertility in an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

She said she did not wish to discuss her recent split with comedian and television presenter Sue Perkins, but she did say that the past 18 months had been ‘utterly sh*t for everyone.’

The Changing Rooms presenter said: “I’m very conscious of the fact that I sort of forgot to have kids.

“Suddenly you wake up, you have menopause, and it really is too late and that’s quite freaky.

“You think you have all the time in the world, then life goes past and you realise it’s no longer possible.

“Where does that leave me? And where should I put my love?”

She said she was currently looking at how she could raise a family.

“I’d like to nurture a family so I’ve started some research but it’s complicated.

“I know there are a lot of kids out there that need love, and I want to give it.”

Anna has long expressed her wish to have children.

Back in 2017, she told the panel on ITV’s Loose Women that she had regrets about not having children.

She said: “I’m sad actually. I’m careering headlong into 50 and I’m sad that I’ve not had my babies.”

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