Reform to Australia’s state IVF laws to benefit many Victorians

Landmark changes to fertility laws in Australia’s Victorian state will mean many couples will get easier access to donated eggs, embryos and sperm, according to Australian media sources

The Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill 2021 was introduced by the country’s Health Minister Martin Foley to the state parliament and was formed as part of the Gorton Review from 2019, which recommended 80 changes to IVF regulation.

At present, donated eggs, embryos, and sperm can only be donated to ten women and the changes will be made available to ten families to ensure LGBTQ families and those using surrogacy can continue to use the same donor, even if the child is carried by a different person.

Mr Foley said the changes to the IVF rules will be ‘life-changing for thousands of Victorian families.

He said: “Assisted reproductive treatment helps many Victorians achieve their dreams of starting a family, but we know the journey is an emotional rollercoaster.

“These laws deliver on our promise to make treatments fairer, more affordable, and easier to access for all Victorians.”

Doctors who work outside of registered clinics will be able to carry out artificial insemination for the first time, meaning more people will be able to have access to fertility services.

Other changes include nurses being and other health care professionals will be permitted to carry out procedures under the supervision and direction of a doctor.

Amendments to donor consent laws also mean that a surrogate’s partner can be reimbursed for costs incurred as a direct result of the surrogacy.

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