Reality TV star Scheana Shay considers surrogacy for second baby

US reality television star Scheana Shay and her fiance Brock Davies are said to be considering surrogacy to have baby number two

The couple, who recently got engaged, told US Weekly magazine there were three options: surrogacy, adoption, or taking their chances on pregnancy again.

But Vanderpump Rules star said the latter was her least favourable due to suffering from pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy with her daughter, Summer.

The 36-year-old said Summer’s birth was ‘really scary’.

She said: “I’ll be turning my eggs into embryos and considering a surrogate, considering adoption, or considering taking our chances. But we aren’t going to even think about it until after Summer’s first birthday.”

Sheana had been very open about her egg freezing journey before she met Brock and fell pregnant with Summer.

She kept her followers up to date on the process she went through twice to get enough eggs.

In the interview, she said the couple had not known how dangerous pre-eclampsia was until after the birth.

She said: “I didn’t even know how bad it was, like, too late. They caught it just in time. I was put on a magnesium strip, and I just had all these drugs pumped into my body.”

Summer was born in April 2021.

Brock, who is a personal trainer, said he felt ‘blessed’ to live into a time when there were multiple options medically to conceive a second child together.

The couple suffered a devastating miscarriage in June 2020 but just four months later revealed they were expecting a rainbow baby.

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