Best friends become surrogates at the same time

Two selfless friends have made the dreams of several families come true by becoming surrogates at the same time

Rena Miras-Pye and Jemma Black, both from Birmingham, met online before deciding to embark on a journey they felt was their calling.

The pair first met when Rena received an egg donor query from Jemma after she had written about her own experience so far.

Rena had written a review that caught Jemma’s eye and she messaged her.

The pair eventually met up in 2016 and soon became good friends.

They soon realised through their conversations that they had the same goal in life – to help others become parents.

Rena and Jemma both joined Surrogacy UK in 2018.

After she donated her eggs, Jemma went on to become a surrogate in the same year.

She said: “After donating my eggs, I went on to become a surrogate.

“Rena was in two minds so initially joined as a known egg donor but then met a couple she wanted to help.”

But it wasn’t plain sailing for her.

It took several attempts before she fell pregnant by acting as a donor for the couple.

Jemma and Rena were pregnant together for five months and leaned on each other for support during that time.

Rena said: “I can’t even put it into words, it was the biggest support I could have ever asked for.

“I was there to hold Jemma’s hand when she had terrible morning sickness with the first baby. And Jemma was there to help when I had a few losses before falling pregnant.”

Rena gave birth in June 2020 and Jemma gave birth in October 2020.

Rena said: “Being a surrogate is a privilege and an honour. Watching the couple become parents is the best thing I have ever done.

“To know you are helping to make grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts is an amazing feeling.”

Did you decide to become a surrogate after reading an inspirational story? Email and tell us your story.

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