Ian ‘H’ Watkins opens up about his journey to parenthood

Ian ‘H’ Watkins is probably best known for being one-fifth of the legendary UK pop group, Steps but did you know his most important role is being a father to twin boys

Talking to Giovanna Fletcher on her popular podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby, Ian, 45, said he and his ex-husband, Craig, used the same surrogacy team as David Furnish and Elton John in 2016 to have twins, Macsen and Cybi.

But it was not plain sailing, the couple tried for many years to have children, and Ian explained that they had a positive pregnancy test in 2012 but the surrogate they used miscarried.

He also said the couple had pulled out of adopting at the last minute due to alleged homophobia, something he has not spoken about before.

He said that surrogacy was a ‘minefield’ but that working with the team as Elton had made their dreams come true.

The pop star said: “When I started looking into fatherhood I was with somebody at the time and we actually went down the adoption route very very early on. I have never told anybody this actually so we went quite far down the process.

“We did all the training courses, we met with social workers and it turned out that part of the team that we were working with was actually homophobic and that’s why we never got any further with the process.”

Sadly, Ian and Craig split just a year after the twins were born, after ten years together.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

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