US woman gives birth to nephew

 A woman from Florida has given birth to her nephew after volunteering to be a surrogate for her sister

Aliciamarie Rodriguez, 31, agreed to carry a child for her sister Amanda after she experienced multiple health issues and several heartbreaking miscarriages.

The siblings said the whole process has brought them closer together since the birth of baby Oliver in August.

Amanda, 28, who works for the University of Florida, suffered a stroke in 2014. She was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid Syndrome(APS), known as sticky blood syndrome, and lupus, aged just 21.

Alicimarie was living in Italy at the time but moved back to Florida to help support her family while Amanda received treatment.

Amanda’s treatment was successful after a year and started a relationship with her now-husband, Hector.

Due to her condition, Amanda said she made it clear to her husband that they should start trying for children straight away, but even though they became pregnant several times each ended with a devastating miscarriage.

It was then that Aliciamarie offered to become a surrogate for Amanda

Alicamarie had given birth to her son, Julian in 2019 and was told she would need to wait at least a year before having IVF.

The following year Amanda’s egg and Hector’s sperm were implanted in Aliciamarie in January 2021, costing a total of $16,000 for the treatment and legal paperwork needed.

Amanda said she is looking forward to telling Oliver about what his amazing aunt did when he is older.

She said: “When I first saw him I was almost in shock because it was like, ‘that’s mine, that baby is biologically mine, it’s insane. I’m so grateful to Aliciamarie.”

Aliciamarie said: “I look at what I’m doing as a favour for my sister, I’m just giving him back to where he came from.”

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