Couple’s ‘unbelievable joy’ of twins after years of heartbreak

A couple from Worcester has spoken of the joy of welcoming twins after four years of failed IVF

Craig and Kat McAllister welcomed their daughters Mikaela and Lillie after an ectopic pregnancy and two failed IVF cycles.

Craig told the Birmingham Mail: “We still have to pinch ourselves that it has really happened after all the heartache. It feels surreal and unbelievable but was a magical moment to bring them home.”

The couple met and fell in love as teenagers and always talked about having a family together.

But after Kat was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, the pair knew it would be difficult to conceive.

They did not qualify for NHS treatment as Kat’s BMI was one point over the qualifying threshold, so they decided to go private.

Their first attempt ended in failure and their second was halted after nursery nurse, Kat, suffered from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome(OHSS).

A third resulted in a pregnancy but that ended up being ectopic.

Craig said: “We were devastated by the ectopic pregnancy. One minute so hopeful and the next so desolate.”

The pair decided to try transferring two embryos on their fourth attempt and were delighted to become pregnant with the twins, who were born in April 2019.

Craig said: “We were in complete disbelief that finally, after such a difficult and traumatic journey, we could now look forward.

“Our beautiful daughters are like chalk and cheese as non-identical twins. They were so small when they were born and I look at them and think how has science managed to create these two beautiful people.

“It was surreal to bring them home and a truly magical moment. We want to give other people hope that it is possible. IVF is stressful on the mind and body and you can feel like you are all on your own. People don’t talk about it enough and we should be more open and talk about it.

The couple are avid supporters of the Fertility Network and Craig ran the London Marathon on October 3 to raise funds for the charity.

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