Sometimes I really miss myself

When I, Sara, co founder of IVF babble, saw this image on the Instagram page of @iuliastration I was blown away. It depicts exactly the way I felt when I was trying to conceive

I (Sara) remember feeling like I was losing who I was over the four years that I was trying to conceive. I also remember the moment that it started to happen. It was the moment my first round of IVF failed, and the moment fear set in – the fear that I would never become a mother.

For four years I tried to be myself, but this is soooo damn hard when your smile is fake and your response is “I’m doing fine”.

Being yourself is so damn hard when your hormones are all over the place and you don’t know if you want to cry or scream, or in fact why you want to cry or scream.

Being yourself is so damn hard when you want to go out with your girlfriends and drink cocktails to your heart’s content but you can’t because you know you aren’t meant to drink whilst TTC.

Being yourself is so damn hard when you want to be able celebrate the new families of loved ones, but you can’t because your heart is breaking at the thought of never having your own.

Trying to be yourself can be so damn hard

If you are feeling the same, please reach out to those who can support you, both professionally and emotionally so that although you might not be yourself, you won’t lose yourself.

Resolve US – The leading US charity supporting all those struggling with infertility

Fertility Network UK – The leading UK charity supporting those dealing with infertility

The Daisy Network – Support for women who have undergone premature menopause.

Childlessness Overcome Through Surrogacy – Support for those using a surrogate.

Endometriosis UK – Connect with other women suffering with endometriosis

Sending you so much love right, especially if you are missing yourself.

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