National Institute of Health pour $8 million into male fertility study

A new $8 million study by the US National Institute of Health will look into why male fertility has declined so much in the past four decades

The study aims to look at why the decline – currently at about one percent per year – has occurred and what can be done to halt it.

The project will be lead by Dr Paula Cohen, a professor of genetics at Cornell University.

She told “We will be looking at the complex genetic rulebook for making sperm, while also looking for hidden causes of infertility related to spermatogenesis.”

Another team of experts will be looking at gene regulation. And when the research is concluded they hope to have the answers to better address the decline.

Dr Shanna Swan, who has spent many years researching and analysing environmental sources of decline in sperm production, and has even written a book, published in 2017 entitled Count Down, welcomes the study.

She counts chemicals and plastics as a fundamental source of depleted sperm production, along with the commonly believed reasons such as smoking, stress, and poor diet.

She said in a recent podcast that she is working ’24/7′ to get the message out.

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