Couple raise £4,500 for IVF using TikTok

A UK couple has used the TikTok phenomenon to raise funds to help them have a baby

Mark and Lucy Brown, from Hambleton, have suffered seven heartbreaking miscarriages in the five years they have been trying to conceive.

They have already spent £15,000 on IVF and fertility treatment and decided to try the social media platform to raise more money.

The couple already has one child, Sonny, but hairdresser Lucy was sterilised after a difficult pregnancy, thinking they would not want any more children.

In those seven years, the couple has suffered miscarriages and also an ectopic pregnancy in 2019.

Mark, 40, told the Teeside Gazette: “We were both down and really depressed about the situation.

“Going through all those miscarriages was a really horrible situation for the pair of us – every time it’s a devastating blow.

“I already had a following on my TikTok account, due to my reviews of supermarket deals and food, so it occurred to me to use the platform to try and help us.”

The couple raised an amazing £4,500 from views alone, due to TikTok’s creator account, which pays creators according to the amount of views posts generate.

And they are so thankful for the support of their 637,000 followers, they have decided to choose a name picked by them.

The couple is now at the egg fertilisation stage of their latest IVF round.

To follow their journey, click here.

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