They say visualise to materialise. Well let’s give it a go, by Briony

Here we go! The start of a new year, full of so much hope, anticipation and one shared dream – to become a parent

We want to start off the year by sharing with you the hope and anticipation of one of our readers, Briony. Here, she talks us through her vision for a perfect 2022.

We truly hope that this year brings you happiness and joy, and that whatever you visualise, will materialise really soon.

Sara & Tracey, xx

“They say visualise to materialise don’t they? Well, I have tried pretty much everything to help me materialise the one and only thing I have ever wanted life – to be a mother to my own child, but as of yet, nothing has worked.I have been through 4 rounds of IVF, acupuncture, reflexology, fertility yoga, chinese herbs, meditation, and even crystals for goodness sakes. The result so far? I am still without child. 

“So, before I start my next round of IVF, I thought let’s give this visualisation thing a go.

“So here it is – my visualisation of my perfect future. A future that I hope will start in 2022. A visualisation of the future that I think many of you can picture too.

“So, when I close my eyes tightly, I see that my IVF finally worked and I am now the proud mummy to a beautiful, healthy baby girl!! I can feel my precious baby in my arms. She is warm, cosy and snuggles into me. She is wrapped in a scrumptious blanket and sleeps peacefully. I know I should put her down in the nursery we just finished decorating, so that she can have a better sleep, but I waited for so long to hold this precious child that I think I will just sit here with her in my arms until she becomes restless. Maybe then I will take her for a walk, through the park and  past the coffee shops I used to avoid, rammed full of other mummies and their children. I will walk proudly, with my baby in the brand new pram, and look at other women in the eyes. I no longer have to feel ashamed.

“I am one of them. I am a mother

“As I toy with the idea of going for a walk, my husband pours me some tea, then heads into the kitchen to prepare dinner. The strain that we once felt on a daily basis has lifted. We no longer fight. We no longer feel the heavy burden of fear. We have our child and that is all we ever wanted.The house is calm and we are settled. 

“The calendar on the wall  is no longer full of clinic appointments and circled ovulation days. The fridge is free of medication, replaced instead by cold wine and chocolate, for those evenings when I want to just indulge, and toast myself – because I did it. I survived. I am a TTC warrior and an IVF mummy. 

“Oh universe, or whoever is in charge of this technique…..if you are listening, please take hold of my visualisation and make it my reality. 

“Ok, so there it is. My visualisation. Let’s see if it works!!!

In the meantime, I am going to lay some crystals over my body and pop my next IVF appointment on the calender.

To anyone who knows exactly how I am feeling, I Send you so much love. This has to be our year right?! Come on 2022 – work your magic. It’s our time.

Love Briony


To everyone trying to conceive, we truly hope this is your year. We hope this is the year your dreams come true

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