Childless couple and parents adopt nine children

A US couple, along with their parents, have adopted nine siblings so they can stay together as a family

The childless couple, from Florida, came across the story on a community Facebook page and wondered whether they could help.

The children from toddlers to teenagers were in foster care and looking for a forever home, but there was one stipulation – they must stay together.

After seeing a post on the Heart of Tampa, Peggy Smith, 28, got in touch with her in-laws to enlist their help with the adoption.

Her parents-in-law, Loryn and Thad Smith had a vast experience of adoption, having previously adopted 15 children and had five children of their own.

Loryn was on board straight away and the family set about making the adoption happen.

After being successfully accepted to adopt the children, the five older siblings went to live with Loryn and Thad, and the four younger children moved in with Peggy and her husband, just down the road.

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