Sports Illustrated model Katrina Scott pregnant after secondary infertility

Sports Illustrated rookie of the year 2021 model Katrina Scott has revealed she is pregnant after a gruelling secondary fertility journey

The 38-year-old and her husband Brian, 39, will welcome their second daughter in May 2022.

Katrina has documented her fertility struggle on Instagram, including two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy.

The couple told TODAY Parents that it took them a year to access fertility treatment.

She said in a recent interview: “The biggest thing that I didn’t realise is secondary infertility accounts for about 50 percent of infertility.

“I think the biggest difference between the first blissful pregnancy announcement with our first daughter is I’ve been so nervous it won’t work out.”

Katrina said she was so thankful to the nurses and doctors team who helped them become pregnant.

She said: “Looking at our egg retrieval and embryos, it probably would have taken a long time for us to conceive, so I’m incredibly grateful for our doctors, nurses, and science.”

She said her losses meant she took fewer photos.

“All of it is so traumatic that I haven’t taken many photos.

“I have more photos of journeys that didn’t get to term. I’m almost afraid to document it too much. I’m just holding on and trying to be really, really optimistic.”

Katrina told her 430,000 Instagram followers in the sweet announcement: “To everyone going through pain, loss, confusion, and grieving today… my heart is with you. I pray that miracles are on their way in 2022. sending all my love to you.”

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