E-cigarettes can be harmful for male fertility

The British Fertility Society has warned that vaping can be harmful to male fertility

E-cigarettes, steroids, smoking are listed as factors having a detrimental effect on testicular health and fertility following new research.

A British public health campaign has also cautioned men against using a laptop directly on their lap or having very long hot baths, as testes need to remain cool for optimal sperm production.

Kevin McEleny, a fertility specialist at the University of Newcastle, who helped develop the campaign, told the Daily Mail: “There are real concerns about these devices’ effect on male fertility because they do not go through the same kind of rigorous checks as drugs do. I certainly tell men going through IVF that they should not be vaping if possible, although cigarette smoking is likely to be worse.”

The new evidence is concerning as poorer sperm production is linked to a higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Dr Raj Marthur, chairman of the British Fertility Society, said: “Although we do not have yet large-scale data on its effects on human fertility, it makes sense to avoid vaping from that point of view.”

In 2020 a Danish study found that men who vaped had lower sperm counts, while an earlier University College London found chemicals in e-cigs flavourings could make sperm slower swimmers.

The UK Vaping Industry Association said the public health campaign could have ‘serious implications’ because vaping helped people to quit smoking.

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