Selfless woman donates eggs to help other women

A young woman in her 20s is helping women struggling with infertility by donating her eggs

Emma Winstanley, 22, decided to donate her eggs after realising it would make a powerful and life-changing difference to so many women.

The hairdresser first donated her eggs in November and plans to repeat the process in 2022.

She told The Mirror: “I am only 22 and not in a relationship, so I am not in any rush to have children. I feel like it is a waste of them if I’m not going to have them. I try and see it as if I’m donating blood and I plan on starting the donation process again in February.”

Emma said her family and friends have been supportive but said her mum had some concerns it could affect her fertility in the long run.

Her reasons for doing it are simple: she has watched the pain and heartache of friends and family members struggling with their fertility.

She first applied to be a donor in early 2021 and after a series of physical and mental health tests with Chester-based Care Fertility.

For each donation cycle, Emma received £750 which mainly covered travel and expenses incurred.

The procedure successfully collected 46 eggs.

Emma said: “I personally don’t know anyone else who has done this but I don’t feel like I am too young. There are a few people now who have told me I am a mother. I don’t agree with this. I’m just a donor. The people who raise them are their families.”

Emma said she was given legal information and support. She was told the eggs were her property ‘until they were in the test tube’.

She was even given the opportunity to write an anonymous message the children created from her eggs.

She said: “I thought it was an important part of the process because it is something you write personally – it can’t be too personal as I can’t give away my identity at the same time. I tried to write something inspirational to them.”

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