Love Island’s Amy Hart fertility tests disappointment

Reality television star Amy Hart has revealed her recent fertility tests have left her ‘miserable and disappointed’

The 29-year-old former Love Island contestant told her 1.1 million Instagram followers her recent anti-Mullerian hormones (AMH) levels were 6.2, and she was upset about that.

AMH levels are said to be at a normal level between 6 and 20. And despite Amy being just within that range, she still felt sad about the result.

She posted in her stories about the result and where she was on her egg-freezing journey.

She said: “Don’t wanna do a story as I will get upset. Just had a call from the nurse to say my AMH level is 6.2.

“Years ago it was eight. They told me it should be between six and 20. Obviously, it is still in the range but it’s the equivalent of getting 1/14 in a quiz isn’t it. Got to get all dressed up and go out tonight and all I wanna do is lay on the sofa on my onesie and be miserable.

“But I will look at the positives. I’m starting freezing soon. Loads of meds. Five in the freezer already and breeeaaattthhheee.”

Amy has been open about her fertility journey after revealing fertility tests had shown she had low AMH levels.

She recently went Instagram public with her new man, tech entrepreneur Sam Rason.

To find out more about her journey, click here.



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