Woman acts as surrogate to give sister longed-for baby

A nurse has helped her sister to become a mother after offering to be her surrogate

Hayley Burton offered to be a surrogate for her sister, Laura, and her husband, David the ‘ultimate gift of life’ as she was born without a womb, having Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome (MRKH).

The condition affects one in 5,000 women and means that the woman cannot carry a child.

After creating an embryo using Laura’s eggs and David’s sperm, the embryo was transferred and Hayley achieved a successful pregnancy.

Noah was born on January 10 at Russell Halls Hospital, in Birmingham weighing 7llbs 14 ozs.

Laura told Birmingham Live: “I can’t put into words how lucky and grateful we feel for Noah and what Hayley has done, there are just no words to describe, she is incredible.

“He’s changed our whole life, we never knew anything was missing from our life. Now, he was the missing piece.

“We never knew there was a gap until he filled it. It’s like he’s always been here, we can’t imagine life without him now.

“He’s so content. He’s a little dream. He is a little miracle.”

Hayley, 33, is already a mother of two and agreed to become a surrogate back in 2019.

But the trio’s plans were delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Laura was allowed to be in the delivery room with Hayley when she went into labour and David and Hayley’s husband was able to join as she began to push.

As soon as Noah was born the midwives handed him to Laura – a special moment for the couple.

Hayley became poorly after the birth and had to spend the night in a high dependency ward but the following day she was well enough to hold her nephew.

After five days in the hospital, Hayley, Laura, and Noah were able to go home together.

Laura said she wanted to tell the family’s story to inspire other women who have MRKH.

Do you suffer from MRKH? Did you have a child via a surrogate? We’d love to hear your story, email mystory@ivfbabble.com.

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