Television presenter Gabby Logan opens up about ‘stressful’ IVF journey

Well-loved television presenter Gabby Logan has revealed she and her husband Kenny went through a difficult time when having fertility treatment

The 48-year-old made an appearance on the second series of Andrea Byrne’s podcast, Making Babies, to discuss fertility issues she faced when trying to conceive with her rugby player, husband.

She said: “It was probably three years from trying naturally to having IVF.

“The whole process of IVF was stressful, we treated it like a sports schedule.

“I was trying to see it as a treatment almost.”

Gabby explained that during her treatment she thought she had miscarried and had to go to the scan alone as Kenny was away working in Glasgow at the time.

She said: “I was convinced that the pregnancy had ended this time.

“Then on how many days after I was supposed to be getting a blood test, I bled that day and I decided that was it and I wasn’t having a baby.

“Kenny was in Glasgow and wasn’t able to come with me.”

Gabby’s doctor told her to go and get a blood test anyway.

She said: “There was blood and it was enough for me to decide that was it.

“But we found out that I was pregnant and I was not having a miscarriage.”

She went on to explain that many of her friends could not relate to her fertility struggle, but that Kenny was a huge support and the experience made their marriage stronger.

IVF babble founder Sara Marshall-Page spoke to Gabby recently about her journey to parenthood. To read the full article, click here.

Watch Sara’s interview with Andrea Byrne here:

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