Actress Sienna Miller, 40, reveals she has frozen her eggs

UK actress Sienna Miller opens up about freezing her eggs when she turned 40

The London-based actress talked about her decision while promoting her new Netflix series, Anatomy of a Scandal.

The mother-of-one said she felt ‘pressured’ to freeze her eggs.

She said: “I felt pressure about kids, and should I have more, and why haven’t I, and all of that, which is a really loud noise.

“Biology is incredibly cruel on women in that decade – that’s the headline, or that’s what it felt like to me.

“Then I got to 40 and I froze my eggs. Having been really focused on the need to have another baby. I’m just like if it happens, it happens. That kind of existential threat has dissipated.

“I like the tranquility of life. There’s just much less anxiety, for no specific reason, other than maybe turning 40 and surrendering to being on some sort of life journey that is completely irrelevant.

“I think I know what matters to me: my friendships, my child, and, ultimately, trying to be happy. That really is enough, with bursts of intensity and creativity.”

Sienna is currently dating Oli Green and is the mother of her nine-year-old daughter, Marlowe.

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