UK couple arrive home with twins from war-torn Ukraine

A UK couple has spoken of their ‘utter shock’ at escaping from war-torn Ukraine with their newborn twins

Manisha and Metaish Parma, from Luton, were stranded in Kyiv after they arrived on February 8 and were waiting for the paperwork to bring home the twins after a surrogate carried them.

Manisha told the BBC: “It was horrifying. It’s just devastating. We were supposed to go there and it was meant to be the best moment of our life.

“We waited a long time for this and all of a sudden we were this horrible nightmare.”

The couple. who had been trying to start a family for 13 years, said they heard bombs, missiles, gunfire, and continuous shelling as they waited for their paperwork to be processed.

The couple took Metaish’s parents with them.

Metaish said: “We’ve gone through IVF treatments and tried so many ways it was just miscarriage after miscarriage.

“Going to Ukraine for surrogacy was our final option.

“We heard bombs, explosions, gunfire, and buildings being blown up around us.

“We had to run to our bunkers with our newborn without any food or anything.

“I and my dad would to the shops to get food.

“We took a massive risk but I had to make the sacrifice for our babies.”

The family managed to find a driver to take them to the Polish border; a journey not without huge risks to all of their safety.

Metaish said: “We pleaded with the driver to take us. For us, he is the godfather of our children. We will never forget what he did. He is a hero in our eyes.”

Manisha said the babies were miracles and they felt ‘blessed’.

She said: “We’re going to enjoy every second with these beautiful babies.”

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