The National Infertility Association Celebrates One Million Milestone!

Resolve, The National Infertility Association, launched the free Coverage at Work programme in 2016 to help employees talk in an informed way to their employers to add or increase fertility and family benefits to their health insurance packages. And now they’re super proud to say that they’ve covered one million lives through this amazing programme!

More than 45 companies have been using Coverage at Work to add family building benefits and insurance coverage for assisted fertility procedures such as IVF. In April 2022, the number of employees now covered by these benefits reached 1 million.

Chief Engagement Officer for RESOLVE, Betsy Campbell says, “Adding family building benefits is a win-win for employers and employees. Employers often don’t realise there is a gap in benefits until their employees point it out. Satisfying employee requests is a top reason cited by employers for adding these benefits”.

“RESOLVE looks forward to working with employees and employers alike to welcome the next one million employees with new or improved family building benefits, but let’s not wait another 6 years to reach that milestone, as family building can’t wait.”

Some employers and employees may be concerned that adding such extra coverage, would significantly increase their premiums, but studies show that isn’t the case. In fact, the 2021 Survey on Fertility Benefits from Mercer and commissioned by RESOLVE found that 97% of employers who added IVF coverage saw no significant rise in costs.

The study found that as an added benefit, such employers were seen as being family friendly and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, helpful for retaining and attracting the best employees.

Medical College of Wisconsin’s Director of Benefits told RESOLVE, “At the Medical College of Wisconsin, we believe it is important to provide inclusive benefits for our employees, and that means fertility benefits are a must-have”.

“Infertility is a common and growing diagnosis, and the demand for fertility benefits continues to increase. It is both an important family friendly benefit for our employees and one way in which we remain competitive in the job market.”

1 in 8 couples will face fertility struggles, leading to stress and upset, but the financial pressure only adds to this. Studies show that some affected employees will look elsewhere for employment to seek companies who will financially support their desire to build their family.

Vice President of the J.M. Smucker Co., Marc Serrilli told RESOLVE, “We believe it is critical that we continuously evaluate our benefits offering and identify how best to support our workforce”.

“An essential aspect of this work is engaging with our employees to understand their needs and we appreciate programs like RESOLVE that encourage these discussions.”

“Through dialogue with our employees, we identified the need for enhanced infertility services, which were made available to employees on February 1, 2022. This enhanced offering builds on our efforts to provide inclusive and accessible family building options via infertility services, adoption reimbursement and surrogacy reimbursement.”

The Coverage at Work programme is funded with grants from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and EMD Serono. If you’d like to learn more about how you could add fertility benefits to your employee perks in the UK, drop us a line at


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