US sperm donor scandal documented in Netflix story Our Father

A new Netflix documentary will go on a journey to discover the family tree of seven half-siblings who found out they were related after doing a DNA test

The show, entitled Our Father, charts Jacoba Ballard who, as an only child dreamt of having brothers or sisters. After doing a DNA test she was shocked to discover she had seven half-siblings.

She believed this to be a huge number of siblings conceived by donor sperm.

The group set out to find out what happened and uncover their family tree and soon discovered that their father was the fertility doctor who had helped all their parents – with or without their consent.

The doctor they talk about is Doctor Donald Cline and it is alleged that he has fathered at least 50 people.

Jacoba had found out she was donor-conceived when she was ten years old. At the age of 33, she started looking for siblings.

She told the Atlantic: “I thought maybe one or two, at the most.”

What she discovered was much more shocking.

The people who had been fathered by the Indianapolis-based doctor joined forces to find the answers to their heritage, even meeting him at one stage, but got little peace from the gathering.

Now in his 70s and stripped of his medical license and convicted of two counts of obstructing the police in their investigations in 2017, he keeps a very low profile.

As the half-siblings travel along the journey they uncover the doctor’s ‘web of deceit’ describing it as an ‘unimaginable breach of trust’.

The documentary will be released in the UK on May 11.



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