UK couple offer £5,000 of IVF treatment to complete strangers

A couple from Yorkshire, England is offering to pay up to £5,000 in IVF treatment to help people become a family

Danielle Bartley-Mould and her husband, Antony, know the pain, anguish, and cost couples struggle with to have children as they went through it to have their twins, Ava and Frankie.

They were not eligible for help from the NHS and had to pay out £18,000 for private treatment.

Danielle, 41, told the Yorkshire Examiner: “Many people want a family and can’t afford it. We know how hard it is. It’s a desperate situation and people re-mortgage their homes to pay for IVF.

“It shouldn’t be like that, but the NHS does not have the resources.

“We are lucky. We have kids, and our IVF worked, so we didn’t go without, and our journey was not that long.”

The couple now wants to give the gift of £5,000 to another couple they will choose at random on her birthday; Saturday, October 29.

They got together in 2017 and a year later started trying for a baby.

But things did not happen and after investigations, they were told Danielle’s fallopian tubes had been damaged in a car accident several years before.

Their first round of IVF in October 2018 was unsuccessful, but the second attempt in December worked and the couple welcomed twins on November 22, 2019, six weeks premature.

They spent a total of £18,000 on treatment in this country and Cyprus.

Danielle said her 14-year-old son from a previous relationship, Ethan, was a great help to Danielle with the twins when they were born as she lost her right arm to sepsis following the accident.

She said: “My accident changed my perspective. I look at pictures of the car and am grateful I came out of that.

“I count myself extremely lucky – who would think I’d still be here to talk about it, let alone have the most amazing opportunity to watch my children grow.

“Some amazing parents just can’t afford a family and it shouldn’t be like that. It would be amazing to help somebody; it’s a lovely thing to do and feels worth everything.

“My kids won’t go without because I am a grafter and have been all my life. Ethan is the same.”

Each person who donates can enter in the comments on Danielle’s Just giving page, which is raising funds for the charity, Make A Wish Foundation.

The beneficiary can be from anywhere in the world and the funds can be paid to any clinic offering IVF to the winners.

To enter and donate, click here.

The winner will be picked at random from a generator and the draw will take place at 2 pm on Danielle’s Facebook page, Creating Dreams.

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