Fertility Matters, a new online platform by Dr. Nicholas Christoforidis

Here at IVF babble, we are huge fans of the brilliant Dr. Nicholas Christoforidis from Embryolab. He has always been a constant source of trusted guidance for us, which is why we were thrilled to learn that he has launched and created an incredible online platform, called Fertility Matters

The platform is a place of stories, scientific views, inspirational opinions and events about human Fertility Matters in the form of articles and podcasts.

Dr. Nicholas Christoforidis says…

“Human fertility. A strong biological drive, a bless across cultures. From scientific breakthroughs to rising demographic concerns, human fertility is becoming the focus of intense research, across the globe.

“As we unravel the secrets of human reproduction we are starting to realise how beautifully complex our bodies are.

“With scientific progress providing answers and reliable solutions to long standing fertility related issues, we are now shifting our focus on public awareness, access to fertility care services and open discussions on novel ethical issues.

“From case studies to scientific papers, and from fertility news to medical breakthroughs, my website aims to explore various aspects of human fertility, approach emerging complex issues and highlight controversies.

“I am confident that rising awareness and communicating complexity is the key to understanding fertility, from its preservation to the wide range of available treatments.

“It is a fascinating journey”.

Click here to head to Fertility Matters.

As we always say, if you arm yourself with information and guidance from trusted experts, and comfort yourself with stories and case studies from others TTC, the rollercoaster ride through fertility treatment might be just that little bit smoother.

Nicholas K Christoforidis
Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist
Clinical Director Embryolab Fertility Clinic

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