Supermodel Joan Smalls opens up about fertility journey

Supermodel Joan Smalls has revealed she is going through IVF and wants more people to talk about their fertility journey

The Puerto Rican model has told Italian Vogue magazine that she is on her fourth round of IVF, but she had previously chosen to go on the journey in private.

The 33-year-old told the May issue that she had decided to use her social media platform to be open and honest about what she is doing to try to dispel some of the myths and taboos that surround it.

She said: “Going through IVF is a decision that is both intimate and challenging, and that is rarely talked about.

“It is amazing to find out how many undergo it. When I went to the doctor to start treatment, there were people of all ages, religions, and ethnicities in the waiting room.

“I remember thinking, ‘we’re all going through the same thing, but no one is talking about it. It made me realise it is basically a taboo subject because it reminds you that you are a woman, and according to society, you are supposed to have a child by a certain age.”

Joan said she had no idea the amount of pressure a woman put on herself and her body.

She spoke about it being a mentally exhausting process, and she even questioned how she would be able to cope with it.

Joan was asked what advice she would give to another woman starting the process of egg collection and IVF.

She said: “Be aware of your body, listen to what your heart is telling you. Don’t care about what society tells you about the best age to have children. You should take this step when you are ready to do so. Make sure you have people around you who are willing to support you and keep in mind everything has to happen at the right time. And that you choose that time.”

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