Canadian woman gives birth just days apart from surrogate sister

A Canadian woman has given birth to a naturally-conceived baby just days apart from her surrogate

Margo and Ian Sheldon from Alberta had spent years trying to conceive, and thought they would never achieve their dream of parenthood, having suffered multiple miscarriages and a devastating full-term stillbirth.

Life took a wonderful turn though, when Margo’s foster sister Meena Buckham, 45 agreed to be their surrogate.

$50,000 worth of IVF later, and the mother-of-two fell pregnant with one of the couple’s viable embryos.

The couple decided to celebrate their joy with a babymoon in Mexico, but miraculously discovered just weeks later that Margo  had gotten pregnant naturally in the same week that Meena had her embryo transfer!!

Meena gave birth to Sofia Grace in June 2020 and her brother, Austin was born just four days later via c-section to Margo.

Margo told the Daily Mail: “It’s been an unbelievable journey, and we are so happy to be parents.

“After meeting Ian, we sadly suffered seven losses before our double rainbow babies. We experienced five losses before getting pregnant with our son Oliver, who was sadly stillborn at 41 weeks.

“We had one more miscarriage after that before deciding to call it quits. The doctor could not give me a reason why the pregnancy losses kept occurring. It was absolutely devastating.”

After Meena offered to be their surrogate, the couple went through three rounds of IVF

Margo said: “We were over the moon when the treatment worked.

“Ian and I went to Mexico on vacation to spend time together while also letting my sister be in the space she needed.

“We were relaxed, happy, and just going with the flow. I was open to miracles, and that is exactly what happened.

“Somehow, I got pregnant at the same time as Meena. We never imagined this would be possible.”

Sofia and Austin are now 22-months-old and thriving and Margo could not be more proud of her and Ian’s family.

She said: “Austin is very chilled out, relaxed, and mellow, while Sofia is very alert, active, and social. They get along really well and are the best of friends.

“Ian and I had always wanted to have children, and so it felt like all of our dreams had come true.”

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