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If the aesthetic image of the vaginal area does not have the appearance you would like to – by inheritance, because of aging or after childbirth – plastic surgery on the labia minora (small lips) and/or labia majora (big lips) can give them the aesthetic result that you desire.

What happens to the aesthetics of the vagina?

The desire to enhance beauty and care for the body, combined with sex life, has led recently to an increase in the desire to improve the external appearance of the genitals in women.  Indeed, the female genitals can be corrected and significantly improved in the case of malformation or changes in their appearance due to time and childbirth. Women rarely talk to their gynecologist, doctor, or plastic surgeon about the issue, either out of modesty or because they believe it is impossible to correct.

Women’s desires can be different: sometimes they relate to the unevenness of the labia in young women by heredity, while other times they relate to the aging of the external genitalia. The defects may be of different types and may affect the external genitalia: the labia majora and minora and/or the vagina.

In all cases, the woman must undergo a careful gynecological examination before any cosmetic intervention to exclude pathologies, particularly inflammatory ones, in order to reduce as far as possible, the risk of infection.

Rejuvenation of the vagina and lips

Over time, the vagina tends to show signs of relaxation and dilatation. For some time now, there have been methods that tend to reduce the size of the vaginal orifice and the outer part of the vagina by increasing muscle tone to reduce sagging and at the same time improve sexual sensation. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and require post-operative monitoring.

Most women who choose intervene in the imamge of their vulva, choose the labia majora to be firm, overlapping the labia minora but not overly pronounced.

The labia minora, which are located in the inside of the labia majora, for functional reasons -in addition to aesthetic reasons- are preferably smaller, symmetrical, and regular in shape, without protruding beyond the labia majora. The most common lesion is hypertrophy which may also be significant with an annoying protrusion outside the labia majora.

Another point of concern for many women is hypertrophy of the labia minora overlapping labia majora. Particularly hypertrophied, they can cause discomfort and possibly even pain during certain sports activities or during sexual intercourse. There may also be significant asymmetries.

All these vaginal rejuvenation procedures are not only for aesthetic purposes but are intended to improve sexuality and the sense of pleasure. Therefore, they should only be approached after a careful gynecological examination.

How can we improve the image of the vagina?

At the Medimall clinic, the qualified doctor, together with his team, will examine each case individually to find the right treatment to address each problem. The methods of vagina aesthetics performed in our clinic with excellent results are.

PRP treatment

Vaginal rejuvenation with RF radio frequencies
Treatment with hyaluronate-Desirial plus (large lips)
Trimming of small labia minora

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