Are you familiar with the term «Natural Cycle IVF»? Medimall IVF Clinic

Natural Cycle IVF is the IVF with no stimulation of the ovaries through medication, but through the ultrasound monitoring of a woman’s cycle. Monitoring is held until the ovarian follicle of the cycle reaches the ideal diameter and the hormonal measurement shows that a mature ovum can be collected.

When Natural Cycle IVF is recommended:

This method is recommended in cases of women:

whose ovaries do not correspond adequately to medication for their stimulation
who have repeatedly failed previous IVF attempts
who do not wish the stimulation of their ovaries or the medical history of whom does not allow it

What are the “advantages” of the method:

Women do not take any medication
They have the possibility to repeat the procedure every month
The collection of eggs is of very good quality, most of the times
It has a low psychological burden for the couple or woman

What are the “disadvantages” of this method:

Τhis method has the following inconveniences:

During the scheduled egg retrieval, possibly ovulation might occur, so egg retrieval is impossible.
The egg might not be mature enough to be fertilized by a spermatozoon.
The egg might not be fertilized.

In Μedimall Fertility Clinic of Athens, Greece we have a great level of expertise in the IVF method in natural cycle and very satisfying results. We are pioneers, since in the 1st International Convention of Natural Cycle in December 2006, we published first  our series of cases and their success rates.

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