Married At First Sight star Blair Rachael pregnant following IVF

Australian reality TV star Blair Rachael has revealed she is pregnant after having IVF treatment

The 36-year-old opened up about her fertility journey to have a child with her husband DJ Robbie Lowe.

Speaking to 9Entertainment, Blair, who appeared on the fifth series of Married At First Sight, said she knew in her heart that she would have to have help getting pregnant following fertility tests just over a year before.

She said: “We’d been trying for almost two years – we did all these tests and they never found anything wrong. We were told we could keep trying or try IVF, so we chose that option.

“There are so many who I know who have been through it. You just don’t know until you have been through it.”

She said she was keen to be open about her journey as she felt it was ‘still a taboo subject’ and that it was a ‘tough process’.

She said: “I am so lucky that I only had to do one round of it. I personally think I had a pretty easy journey going on it. If I had to do it again,  I probably would.”

She found it quite emotional and suffered from anxiety.

Blair said: “You’re all hormonal. I got really anxious and second-guessed everything I did as I didn’t want to seem like a crazy hormonal lady.”

She said the couple, who have been together for four years, know the sex of the baby but are keeping it to themselves.

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