Mums welcome daughter on Friday 13th

A couple is celebrating after welcoming their daughter born on one of the most superstitious days of the year – Friday 13th

Nikki and Lauren Hughes, from Derbyshire, underwent IVF treatment to have their much-wanted daughter.

The pair got pregnant quickly but Lauren experienced bleeding at 12 weeks and doctors kept a close eye on her for the duration of the pregnancy.

The Swadlincote couple is delighted to be parents to Harper after Nikki’s eggs were collected on Friday, August 13, a date that seems to be very lucky for the pair.

Nikki, 33, said: “Some people are superstitious about Friday 13th but it is very lucky for us. She is literally our little miracle.

“We first looked into IVF in December 2020 and went to a fertility clinic in Birmingham. We had our first round of IVF in March 2021 but it wasn’t successful. We were getting married in May that year so we just focused our energy on the wedding and decided to try again in August.

“We had our second attempt at egg collection on August 13. The egg was implanted in September and we fell pregnant straight away. We were completely over the moon.”

Nikki said she could not thank the team at Burton’s Queen Hospital and said the midwives were really supportive.

She told the Derby Telegraph: “It was worrying but they really looked after us. They do extra scans for IVF pregnancy anyway because sometimes they are smaller babies or they see a drop in growth so they were monitoring us a lot.

“At our 34-week scan, baby’s growth slowed down so they decided to induce Lauren at 37 weeks.”

Lauren was induced at midday on Thursday and Harper made her entrance into the world 30 hours later.

They said she was grateful for the opportunity to have a family via IVF and would encourage others to go through the process.

Nikki said: “We basically had one shot. Then all the problems came with a haematoma and the bleeding and Harper was born so small they were worried about her putting on weight.

“But she is just a little fighter and we are so proud of her – we wouldn’t change a thing. Finally, we have a little family, we are complete.”

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