Great British Bake-Off star Laura Adlington on IVF disappointment

Baking sensation and star of the Great British Bake-Off Laura Adlington has opened up about the disappointment of being told she must lose weight to be eligible to have IVF treatment

In a recent interview, the 32-year-old said she felt enormous shame when she was ordered by doctors to lose weight and that she would need to get her BMI down to 30, which meant aiming to lose in the region of 14 stone.

Laura, who took part in the hit Channel 4 show in 2020, said: “The cut-off point for IVF is BMI over 30, so the doctor was like ‘you’re probably looking at about 14 stone that needs to come off. And I was like, okay.”

Laura said she didn’t feel that she could lose the weight and so she said it was impossible for her to start fertility treatment.

She said: “We plus-size women are not even allowed to have Clomid, a drug that is supposed to help you ovulate more regularly – I wasn’t even allowed that.

“Nothing. It’s like you don’t exist, you don’t matter.”

The GBBO star said she has always been open about her weight and being plus-size, something she is immensely proud of.

She was initially unsure about going on the show due to the criticism and fat-shaming she feared she would receive. She even considered a gastric sleeve.

But she decided against it, concluding: “I decided I’d had enough self-loathing –  I don’t need to deal with other people’s opinions on my size.”

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