The wellbeing app that will support you through your IVF journey

We are so excited to be partnering with Harper, the wellbeing app, to increase awareness of the importance of emotional and wellbeing support through IVF, and are providing their services to one of our readers, Joanna. Their three core pillars of care are understanding, supporting and guiding patients as they go through their fertility journeys. 

Here, they tell us more about how they provide such key support to their users.


We aim to understand our users by taking into account information gathered through check-ins with the Harper Coach that will be by their side throughout their fertility journey.  Our users’ well-being profiles are defined by a range of metrics, from symptoms of anxiety to changes in sleep, their stage of fertility care, practical information related to their preference for and predisposition towards different activities as well as the amount of time and internal resources they have available to incorporate our recommendations. Changes are recorded routinely, so that we can align our recommendations with any changes in our users’ lifestyle and well-being status.


Our users’ well-being profiles help us support them through online weekly to fortnightly check-ins with fertility-trained Harper Coaches. Our coaches are experts in helping users build goals and empowerment as they go through their fertility journey. Our support framework is solution-focused and supported by data gathered throughout and in between check-ins. This allows coaches to provide a high level of care without the need to diagnose or unpack trauma, making coaching more accessible to users than typical counselling or therapy. 


Personalised care plans are created by the user’s coach after each check-in, with recommendations to help maximise well-being throughout their fertility journey. All of our plans are tailored to the stage of fertility care the user is going through and do not interfere with their treatment. Users can easily access their recommendations via the Harper Plans app, which also allows them to chat to their Harper Coach and receive regular mobile reminders to help them stay on track with their well-being goals.

Our recommendations consist of small yet effective actions that can fit easily into users’ lifestyles, become routine habits and boost well-being. Here are some examples of categories our activities may fall into: breathwork, meditation, gratitude and fertility care-friendly physical activities. We provide a science-backed step by step process for each recommendation as well as couples’ suggestions. Our recommendations help take the mind and body out of the fight-or-flight response and into the rest-and-digest response. This happens on a molecular level that can feel deeply relaxing and recharging. 

How we are helping Joanna

Joanna will start an IVF cycle in September with Clinica Tambre in Spain. To help her along this leg of her fertility journey, she will also receive access to Harper Care. At Harper, we understand the importance of well-being and mental health during the fertility journey and we are here to support her — backed by science. 

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