Erin Holland reveals fertility struggle

Erin Holland has told her social media followers how ‘tough’ it is to have IVF

The model and television presenter has revealed she is currently going through her third round of egg collection with her husband, cricketing star, Ben Cutting.

The 33-year-old told her 510,000 Instagram followers that she had not planned to be open about their journey, but that she had herself been searching the internet for fertility research, podcasts, and real-like stories and felt it only right that she be open.

She said in the post from April 2022: “Last year, we found out the only real option to have a baby for me is #IVF. As someone who went in just wanting to freeze embryos until the time was ‘right’, I’ve grappled with the confusing feelings of the loss of any ‘normality’ of this process, feeling like the universe was telling me I’m not meant to be a mother, the guilt of letting Ben down, the ‘but am I even ready’ thoughts, feeling physically broken, etc.

“Yesterday we found out that our first round of IVF resulted in nothing viable and the sense of failure is overwhelming. The toll on the mind and body, the injections, the cost, but I’m so grateful for modern medicine – it will take a village to create this baby, let alone raise it.

“The fact that IVF is even a possibility blows my mind. I know it’s only the very beginning of this journey, and I thought about only sharing it when it was over, if ever. But maybe that’s not really the point – all I’ve done is seek out information/podcasts/real-life accounts from others going through this. So here we are. To everyone in a similar boat, I hear you, see you, feel you.”

And just last week, she said she felt like a ‘mess’.

She said: “HORMONES SUCK. Especially these IVF-induced ones.

“Between the twice daily injections, the fertility supplements, DHEA (who knew women needed a little testosterone and I have barely any?!), and being put on/off the pill to create a cycle with my PCO, I feel like a mess.

“The mood swings, the breakouts, the forgetful brain, the joys. As I start the third round of egg collection in the coming days, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the underground army going through the same thing. Be kind to yourself.”

Erin and Ben got married last year after having it postponed twice during the coronavirus pandemic. They recently returned from an idyllic honeymoon in the Maldives a year after their nuptials.

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