US country singer Niko Moon and wife Anna announce IVF baby news

US country singer Niko Moon and his songwriting wife Anna have announced they are expecting their first child via IVF

The 39-year-old is expecting a daughter in November after sharing with People magazine that they had wanted to start a family for a long time.

They had begun their IVF journey back in 2020 when Anna shared the news that she had been to see her OBGYN and they had discovered fibroids.

He said of Anna: “From the moment I met her, I knew she would make an amazing mother.

“Our path to seeing those two pink lines was one we weren’t expecting and one that led us to do IVF.”

Following the two-week wait, the couple got the news they so hoped for and said it was an emotional time.

Niko, who had a hit with the song Good Time, written in collaboration with Anna, said: “Before I could even lay the test on the bathroom counter for her, I saw that it was positive.

“After all we had been through, it was an extremely surreal and emotional moment for us both.”

Niko and Anna also shared the news with her 23,000 Instagram followers, the post read: “Me and Anna are so excited to announce we are expecting! Lily Anne Moon coming this November Check out our exclusive @people article to read all about it!”

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