Woman travels to war-torn Ukraine to collect her child born via surrogate

A US woman has documented how she travelled to Ukraine to collect her son with her husband, George

Audrey Quinones, from Atlanta, Georgia, told the New York Post that she was terrified.

She said: “It was terrifying as I didn’t know what I was getting myself into as I was about to enter a war zone.”

The couple said they navigated through the streets as the air raid sirens rang out around them as their Ukrainian surrogate, Kate was giving birth.

Audrey and George suffered a series of devastating miscarriages and failed IVF cycles.

The 34-year-old engineer said: “We’d both always dreamed of growing our own family, so we were devastated when we faced these challenges to fall pregnant.

“I gained over 60 pounds over the four years of fertility treatment and ended up having a gastric sleeve to help me lose weight.”

Audrey was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) and endometriosis and reproductive immunology issues.

The couple started looking into surrogacy abroad after a failed attempt by a friend who offered her services.

They had been through so much when they finally met their surrogate, Kate.

When Kate had a positive pregnancy test, the couple was over the moon.

But their joy soon turned to fear when war broke out in Ukraine.

She said: “It took my breath away. I was in California and in a total meltdown. I had to seek help for my mental health. It was really hard on everyone involved.”

Audrey tried to persuade her surrogate to move closer to the border but Kate wanted to stay close to her family.

The couple entered Ukraine when Kate hit the 37-week mark and she went into labour at 39 weeks.

Audrey said it was a surreal experience

She said: “Matteo came out purple and I did not know what to do. I was just staring at them both until a nurse shook me and told me it was time to do skin-to-skin.

“It was so special. Having our son was a dream come true, and I kept pinching myself.”

The couple had an issue getting the documentation to get back to the US and spent a month sorting out his passport and documentation.

She said: “We’re now back home and adjusting to our new life, and of course living it.”

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