Autumnal immune support chicken soup

Sue Bedford (MSc Nutritional Therapy)

It’s that time of year when people all around seem to be going down with a cold or sore throat. Help to support your immune system with some nutritious and delicious homemade chicken soup. Are you having roast chicken this week? Why not make this immune-support chicken soup for the next few days and top up on some vital nutrients? Chicken soup has been known for centuries as an effective ‘feel better’ food. This is probably due to the vitamins and minerals provided by the vegetables (onions and leeks are also prebiotic foods so feed the good bacteria in the gut) and a substance called carnosine is provided by chicken soup which has been linked to enhancing the power of the immune cells.

Chicken Soup

• 1 large onion
• 1 leek
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• 2 large carrots
• 750ml homemade chicken stock (use bones with chicken on it)
• 120g savoy cabbage
• 300g leftover cooked chicken

Chop the carrots, onion and leek into slices and cook in olive oil for 6 minutes or so.
Add the chicken stock. Cover and simmer for 35 minutes.
Put the pieces of the left-over chicken into the soup along with the cabbage (shredded). Simmer for 5 minutes until the chicken is piping hot and then enjoy!

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