Country singer Drake White and wife Alex announce pregnancy following fertility struggles

US singer Drake White and his wife Alex have revealed they are expecting their first child after years of fertility issues

The couple had been trying to conceive for six years which included health issues for both of them, including him having a stroke and chef Alex being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and an autoimmune disorder.

In January 2019, Drake was diagnosed with a rare vascular disease, arteriovenous malformation(AVM).

Drake told People magazine in an exclusive interview: “We’ve been through so much.

“For six years, we have prayed for a baby, and to know that God has heard our prayers is honestly overwhelming.”

Drake, 38, said the couple decided not to know the sex of the baby wanting the ‘ultimate surprise’ at the birth.

He said: “I think with all the technology in 2022, where everything’s right in your hand, everything is so predictable. We think this is one of life’s true surprises.”

The couple began trying soon after getting married and dispute their health issues, they were told there was no reason why they could not conceive naturally.

They tried for a long time to conceive naturally and even had several attempts at IUI but they proved fruitless.

They turned to IVF at Nashville Fertility in February 2022, and after what was described as a ‘difficult process’ they created seven embryos.

Drake and Alex found out they were pregnant in June and said they were sharing their story in a bid to help others who might be in a similar situation.

He said: “It has been extremely hard, and there were lots of times that we were frustrated, and we were very honest with that.

“I don’t want to make this sound like it was all sunshine and rainbows because it wasn’t.

“We kept saying this is our path, this is where we’re going to do, this is what we’re manifesting, what we want to see happen – and ultimately, it happened.”

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