My IVF cycle discovered pre-cancerous cells

A Dublin woman has told how going through an IVF cycle discovered she had pre-cancerous cells in her womb

Tamsin Quinn, 43, had hoped to get pregnant in 2016 when she began treatment at the Sims Clinic.

She told the Irish Independent that she was taken completely unaware and was not a common risk for cancer.

She said: “I did not fit the common risks or signs of cancer. I was not of menopausal age or older. I was not overweight and did not have any bleeding.”

Thankfully, the abnormal cells were not found to be cancerous.

Following her experience, she was told she would have to have D&C procedures twice a year to remove tissue from her womb.

She said: “We did six rounds of IVF in total. I also did a degree in adult education.

“We did not have children, but we have our puppy, Jasper.”

Tamsin also revealed that she decided to have a hysterectomy in 2021 due to the number of procedures to rid her womb of tissue and the constant worry of more abnormal cells.

She said: “The doctor said from the first day, that was the endgame. I feel so much better now.”

Tamsin decided to speak out to encourage women to go for regular check-ups, to not be embarrassed to go to the doctors, and to be aware that not everyone has the classic symptoms.

Symptoms can include bleeding or spotting, change in vaginal discharge, and pain in the lower abdomen or back.

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