I Want My Sperm Donor To Be American

“I have always been in love with the US and simply adore Americans and so have been thinking recently about choosing a sperm donor from the US. I have this romantic idea that one day, should my child decide he wants to find his or her biological father, that they would connect, and my child would have this wonderful connection with the states. Am I being stupid? Do women do this?”

We received this question from one of our reader’s who is looking into sperm donation, as a single woman in her late thirties and really wants to be a Mother ASAP, so we turned to the team at Xytex and asked them to help.

Can I choose a donor from the US if I am in the UK?

Our U.K. clients can choose from an abundant supply of donors, all of which meet the requirements of HFEA (The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority).

In addition to being Identity Disclosed Donors, U.K. compliant donors’ samples have a ten-family unit limit. Because of this ten-family limit, a donor is only U.K. compliant for a fixed amount of time.  Once a donor has reached his ten-family limit, he is no longer available for other families.

Will my donor be anonymous? Can I choose for my donor not to be anonymous?

Donor anonymity is not permitted in the U.K. An Identity Disclosed Donor must sign an agreement that allows his identifying information to be released to reported offspring once they reach the age of 18, should the offspring choose to obtain it.

Will my child be able to find and connect with his biological father in the future?

We understand the desire for a child to be able to connect with a sperm donor. That’s why Xytex provides Identity Disclosure Donors. A donor who participates in the Identity Disclosure Donor Program agrees to the release of his identity once the child turns 18. To be eligible to receive this information, a child’s mother, the recipient of the sperm, must sign an agreement and report the child’s birth to Xytex. These requirements allow us to verify the child’s eligibility to receive such information in the future. While a donor’s participation in this program indicates a certain openness to connect, it is not a guarantee of contact.

If they did connect, would the donor ever be recognised legally as the father?

When Xytex donors enter our program, they sign a legally binding contract waiving all parental rights and responsibilities to children conceived from their sperm. By signing this agreement, donors forfeit all responsibility and liability for offspring conceived from their donations. In this contract, Donors agree that reported offspring conceived with their sperm can receive your information upon request when they are 18 years old.

What legal aspects do I need to take into consideration if I go with a US donor?

If you are unsure about the regulations in your country, you are welcome to contact our Customer Care Team who will be happy to guide you.  Xytex has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the regulations in different countries.  

How do I go about moving forward with a US donor?

Visit www.xytex.com and Create an Account to receive 30 Days of FREE access to view our donors.
Xytex Customer Service is available by phone: +1-706-733-0130 or by email: info@xytex.com for more information and assistance with ordering.
Our office hours are M-F 8:30 AM- 5:00 PM (EST).https://www.ivfbabble.com/communicating-with-your-child-about-their-conception-via-sperm-donation/

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